Policy Statement of the European Researchers in Didactics of Biology (ERIDOB)


(This is a draft Policy Statement approved by a representative group of ERIDOB members, but for final approval at the ERIDOB 2022 Business Meeting) 

  1. i) The term ‘members’ in this document refers to all people who presented a paper or a poster at the previous ERIDOB Conference and/or people whose papers or posters have been accepted at the forthcoming Conference.
  2. ii) Due to the relatively small and voluntary nature of ERIDOB, these are general guidelines and some flexibility will need to be considered in specific circumstances.

This document provides guidelines for the activities of the European Researchers in Didactics of Biology (ERIDOB). Revisions of these guidelines should be discussed and agreed with ERIDOB members at conference business meetings.


  1. ERIDOB Aims

1.1 To hold an international conference every two years to bring together researchers in didactics of Biology from Europe and across the world in order to share current research, to develop a greater awareness of the diversity of research traditions within Europe, and to provide opportunities for the discussion of issues specific to biology education and biology education research. 

1.2 To produce a high quality conference proceedings publication, through selection and peer reviewing of the best conference papers. 

1.3 To enhance the quality of research in biology education and support the development of new researchers. 


  1. ERIDOB Organization

2.1 ERIDOB is an informal group of researchers brought together under the aims stated above. At present, it is not an association with membership fees. Membership is open to anyone interested in biology education research. 

2.2 An Academic Committee (AC) is appointed by participants at the ERIDOB conference Business Meeting, and is responsible for organisation of the conferences. The AC provides members with news and updates via email. 


  1. The Academic Committee
    • The Academic Committee (AC) shall make general decisions on behalf of the members, but should consult the members whenever controversial issues arise.















  1. Conferences

4.1 ERIDOB conferences have taken place every two years since 1996, in alternate years to the ESERA conferences (which many ERIDOB members also attend). 

4.2 The Academic Committee is responsible for the organization of the conferences and for the reviewing and selection of the contributions. 

4.3 ERIDOB uses a blind reviewing process. The Academic Committee appoints suitable ERIDOB members from a broad range of countries to join the review process. 

4.4 Conferences are announced on the ERIDOB website homepage and emails are sent to former conference participants. 

4.5 Only proposals that are unpublished at the time of submission are eligible. The Academic Committee must be notified if a paper submitted to the conference has also been submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere. 

4.6 The work must be based on a clear research question, and the general outcomes of the work must be relevant with regard to the research question. 

4.7 No participant may submit more than one first authored paper. 

4.8 No participant may present more than once during the conference. 



  1. Conference fees

5.1 ERIDOB aims to break even at each conference (i.e. costs and income are equal), and conference fees are calculated to cover the costs incurred by the Local Organizing Committee, costs of publishing the proceedings, and the travel and accommodation costs of members of the Academic Committee while attending the planning meeting at the conference venue. 

  1. Conference Book

6.1 The peer-reviewed papers from the conference are published in the Conference Book. 

6.2 The Local Organizing Committee of a conference is responsible for the publication of the conference proceedings. 

6.3 All papers submitted for the Conference Book are blind reviewed by at least two experienced ERIDOB members. The Academic Committee draws up a list of experienced ERIDOB members and allocates the papers accordingly. 

6.4 Papers already submitted for publication elsewhere should not be submitted for publication in Conference Book. 

6.5 The costs for the Conference Book are covered by the conference fees. 

6.6 The Local Organizing Committee is responsible for the distribution of the Conference Book to the conference participants. 


Last amended: 20 April 2022