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Social Programme

Social Programme

WELCOME RECEPTION (29th August 2022, 18:30-21:00)

 Location: Museums of the Pancyprian Gymnasium

The Museums of The Pancyprian Gymnasium, the oldest secondary school of Cyprus, are being housed in the historical centre of Lefkosia (Nicosia), in a fascinating 12-room space. The Museums of The Pancyprian Gymnasium comprise collections, galleries and exhibitions, most of which have a Cypriot character.

This is a neoclassical building with an inner courtyard. The imposing arches, the local stone on the walls and the general aesthetics of the building take the visitor to another era.


Address: Thiseos, Nicosia, Cyprus





CONFERENCE DINNER (1st September 2022)

Location: Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro

The "Vintage Wine Bar", is located in a truly unique place in the heart of Nicosia, on the roof of the historic building of the Center for Fine Arts and Research (CVAR). It is an elegant space that combines the stunning views and the wonderful taste of Mediterranean cuisine.

Address: 285 Ermou, Nicosia, Cyprus







Location: The Old Powerhouse


The Old Powerhouse is a chill bar in the area of ​​the Municipal Arts Center of Nicosia. The courtyard combines elements of traditional architecture and modern decoration.

The first drink will be offered by the local committee. You can choose one of the following: beer, soft drink, gin, vodka, whiskey, wine, Martin Time cocktail.


Address: 3 Tempon, Nicosia




SOCIAL PROGRAMME (31st August 2022 – afternoon activities)

Unfortunately, you can only select one of the following activities because they will take place on the same date and time.

Guided tour in the old Nicosia

This guided tour offers a walk with reference to the most noteworthy sights within the walled city of Lefkosia, including the Church of Our Lady Phaneromeni & Phaneromeni school; Tachtakalas neighbourhood; Chryssaliniotitssa Church & Multicraft Centre; Stavros Tou Missirikou (Church converted into a mosque); Municipal Arts Centre (Old Power Station); Famagusta Gate; Venetian Walls; Archaeological Excavation Site.

Total walking distance: Approx. 3 km (The walking route is indicative and may be altered if deemed necessary)

Don’t forget to put on some sunscreen cream, comfy shoes, a hat, and bring your bottle of cool water! 

Start Point: Nicosia City Hall, Lefkosia  *Location

End Point: Nicosia City Hall, Lefkosia

Duration: 2 hours (6:00-8:00 pm.)

Cost: Free